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Management and Quality Assurance Processes


The Agile Software Development Process

We use the Agile software development process which is based on the foundation of iterative development, sprints and user stories. With agile, work is broken down into as many independent "sprints" as possible. A "sprint" is a phase of a project that can be completed, tested and reviewed and helps assure that quality is maintained and greater confidence is provided to the client.  The process allows for more clear communication and feedback between Ergo Venture project management, the client, and the development team. This feedback is driven by regular tests and releases (sprints) of the evolving software. Our development plan is separated by a series of "sprints" allowing incremental delivery of the product features. At the end of each "sprint", the new features are demonstrated or delivered to the customer and reviewed collectively with the project manager. This customer can see visible signs of progress and Agile reduces the cost of changes to the development plan. 
Our process allows us to generate rapid prototypes and bring products to market more quickly. We start off with a vision, budget, and schedule and set the initial requirements. We look to develop the first sprint as soon as the requirements are mature enough for coding. Throughout the project, our project managers work with the client's product owners one step ahead of the developers, creating a "backlog" that includes near-term granular tasks and define the roadmap. The Quality assurance engineers work in parallel with the developers, focusing on quick, yet exhaustive testing. We use project management tools like JIRA, Zoho, Basecamp (based on client preferences) to maintain effective communication and keep track of progress throughout the lifetime of the project. 


Secure Development

Ergo Ventures applies secure development practices to ensure that the code and the processes that go into developing applications are as secure as possible. Secure development entails the utilization of processes including Security Development Lifecycle and secure coding itself. We categorize the architecture according to their sensitivity and secure the access control, including network access and physical access; data management and data access. Ergo Ventures assures secure development by integrating testing tools and services into the software development cycle which allows to scan and resolve security issues within each release or sprint. 

Quality Assurance

To ensure every project is delivered with impeccable quality, Ergo Ventures employs project managers who are trained in quality assurance. The PMs participate in every stage of the development process and employ risk management techniques proactively. Ergo Ventures recognizes that each business case has its own complexities and that it is important to understand your business environment at the onset of the development process. Ergo Ventures maintains an interactive development approach presenting and testing work in iterations and obtaining quality feedback. This includes additional requirements to ensure the impact of updates and the variable costs are managed smoothly and with the agreed costs. 


Disaster Recovery

Ergo Ventures ensure that your data, applications, and systems are protected. We maintain our own servers for storing all the project related documents. Our servers can be used as the primary servers or the client can use our servers as a backup / redundant server for disaster recovery. In addition, we can create backups on hard drives or DVDs as deemed necessary by the client or the project manager.


Ergo Ventures Limited has a thorough and in-depth process of testing the skills, expertise and character of every member of your team. Normally we start with a team of our available resources and add to it as we gain more industry knowledge and indications of client's preference. Ergo will also execute any special team member assessments required by our clients. We are open and transparent about all of our employee's history and experience.
The Ergo Ventures recruitment process has several advantageous features that allow us to attract top talent. Being part of the MIR conglomerate we are able to run on campus events and seminars including coding contests which are always a popular event at the top universities. Our combined efforts allow us to be well-known recruiters within the university. Our in-depth technical assessment includes a recruiting test which is a thorough evaluation of the candidates’ competencies in the specific development framework. It is a 360-degree evaluation of the candidates, including their leadership and architectural competencies. As an example, our Drupal evaluation includes PHP, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Drupal 6, 7, 8 as well as Object Oriented Design. The database design test measures the candidates’ abilities to create the correct table structures given a series of test cases studies. In addition, we measure the candidates’ learning abilities, business understanding, communication skills and soft skills so that we have a complete picture of the suitability of our candidates.